Substation in grocery store first of many changes at Sheriff’s Department |

Substation in grocery store first of many changes at Sheriff’s Department

by F.T. Norton, Appeal Staff Writer.

A police substation is planned for an East Carson City grocery store.

Albertsons on Highway 50 East has donated space once used by U.S. Bank to the Carson City Sheriff’s Department for deputies to write reports and interview witnesses.

Eventually, said Lt. Ken Sandage, the location will be staffed full time by Sheriff’s Department volunteers.

“Volunteers will answer questions about the department and the outreach programs available to the public,” he said. “This is contemporary policing — getting out and being easily accessible to the public.”

The substation is the first in a number of volunteer-based programs that Sheriff Kenny Furlong is implementing.

Beginning May 14, the Sheriff’s Department will offer free citizen police academies.

For 10 weeks, enrollees will meet on Wednesday evenings from 7-9 p.m. at the department to learn about its inner workings and the criminal justice system.

Some of the topics covered will be a tour of the jail, crime scene investigation/evidence collection, search and seizure, identity theft, juvenile law, traffic enforcement, firearms safety and crime prevention, Sandage said.

“If people are interested in learning more about the Sheriff’s Department, they should attend the class,” he said.

Whether they take the class or not, Sandage said, volunteers are needed for the new Citizens on Patrol program.

“We are going to provide distinctive uniforms, at least two cars marked specifically as volunteers for patrolling Carson City,” he said. “They will be the eyes and ears of the department and the community.”

Sandage said patrol volunteers won’t be charged with ticketing, but will have duties such as traffic control and special-events planning.

“We want to give them the training where they can help us out, help the community out, plus be safe,” he said. “We want to make sure whatever we ask them to do we properly train them to do.”

The goal is to have Citizens on Patrol on the streets daily, he said.

Additionally, volunteers will be used in the department to help out in areas of their choosing.

“Volunteers can file if they want to, they can answer phones, help out patrol, records, warrants or detention,” he said. “Citizens will know exactly the functions and duties of the Sheriff’s Department.”

With a new sheriff in office, Sandage said the department is changing for the better.

“We’re opening the door completely wide on this,” he said.”We are going to open our doors to the citizens of Carson City, where they can learn more about the community needs, the officers and their functions. These programs will essentially bridge the gap between the community and the police.”

Citizen Police Academy

For information on the Citizen Police Academy or to register call 887-2020, ext. 1201. Class space is limited.