Suggested school budget cuts analyzed |

Suggested school budget cuts analyzed

Teri Vance

About a dozen ideas are being researched as possible recommendations to the school district to increase efficiency and cut costs next year.

A little more than a month after its formation, the Carson City School District’s Strategic Advisory Committee has narrowed down possible solutions, leader Joe Cacioppo told the Carson City School District on Tuesday night.

The committee was formed in May as a way to involve the community in cutting an anticipated

$7.2 million revenue shortfall from the budget.

The school district hosted a series of town hall meetings to discuss ways to reduce spending. The two most controversial ideas were closing an elementary school and switching Fremont Elementary School’s schedule from year-round to the traditional calendar of all other schools in the district.

Both ideas were rejected after public outcry.

District officials formed the advisory board following the pattern of similar advisory boards already operating, such as the bond committee and master plan committee.

“I think what we’re going to find with the committee is it will serve its purpose,” Cacioppo said. “It will generate an avenue for the school district to do even more research.”

Cacioppo told the board that the committee, which meets every other Monday, was divided into four smaller groups after the initial meetings designed to give members necessary background information.

Each group made a list of suggestions as to how to streamline school district operations. From that list, each group chose its top three.

The three top suggestions from each of the groups will now be researched, and from them the final recommendations will be sent to Superintendent Richard Stokes, Cacioppo said.

The committee hopes to make those recommendations before the start of the school year in August.

Once this year’s budget is figured out, the committee will shift its focus to long-term financial priorities for the district.