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On Columbus Day, a number of people were worried the federal government in Carson City had either surrendered or was in distress.

The flag on the federal building – the former post office on Plaza Street – was flying upside down.

Here’s what the Flag Code, Section 176(a) says: “The flag should never be displayed with the union (stars) down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.”

It may have been a political commentary about the upcoming election, but nobody was around to ask. By noon, the flag was right side up.

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There may be something unnatural happening at the BunnyRanch – and it’s not that.

The SciFi Channel’s Proof Positive: Evidence of the Paranormal investigated rumors of ghosts haunting the Mound House brothel, which will air on the Oct. 27 episode.

The show is said to explore alleged supernatural appearances then determines which have enough evidence to be true.

“I’ve heard the stories from the girls, but The SciFi Channel brought in the experts, and the results will be shown on Proof Positive,” said owner Dennis Hof.

According to the show’s Web site, “After the stories are recounted with interviews and documentary footage, the evidence is subjected to rigorous forensic testing by scientists and field-specific experts. Throughout the program, the viewing audience will be challenged to figure out which one of the three stories will be revealed to be “proof positive.”

The show will air on the SciFi Channel on Oct. 27 at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.

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Are you a California business owner who is fidgeting over taxes, workers’ compensation and the like? Perhaps you’ve had nightmares of a tall, muscled man breaking down your door and blasting you with a required employee healthcare bill. Does this man have an Austrian accent?

Nevada economic development officials launched a marketing campaign Wednesday called “Will Your Business be Terminated?” They hope to profit from the unfortunate business state in the Golden State. The ads show California business owners bruised and battered from taxes and the nation’s only paid family leave program. Los Angeles and San Francisco feature giant wallscapes with the tagline “Nevada to the Rescue.”

But California has its own agenda. Gov. Schwarzenegger is featured in billboard ads saying: “Arnold Says: ‘California wants your business. (Actually, he says, ‘Kah-li-fornia.’)” The movie-star-turned-politician is pictured with arms folded, sporting a California state flag T-shirt. These ads are in Boston, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Dallas and Seattle, among other cities.

According to the L.A. Times, Massachusetts isn’t taking this advertising attack without fighting back.

Billboards featuring Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney popped up in L.A., San Fran and San Diego. The message: “Smaller muscles, but lower taxes! Massachusetts means business.”

A house divided?

If you can’t get down to Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street anytime soon you can still check out Nevada’s ads at