Supervisor Staub reignites street-abandonment fight |

Supervisor Staub reignites street-abandonment fight


Carson City Supervisor Richard Staub will ask the city to again repay costs related to a street abandonment on his South Carson Street property, igniting criticism from a nearby property owner.

Staub said Thursday he has informed the city of his joint claim with developer Thomas Metcalf for $180,000 to reclaim payment for the abandonment of a portion of East 10th Street – now a part of his Copper Pointe Plaza development.

In 1998, Staub and Metcalf paid for the abandonment – $130,000 for Staub and $56,000 for Metcalf. That money was then returned to them in the form of $180,000 in redevelopment incentive funds.

Clark Russell, who owns the nearby Station Grill, says Staub is getting greedy.

“It’s highly unethical, in my opinion, that a supervisor would go back after he received redevelopment funds and ask for more,” Russell said.

After a seven-year court battle, Russell and the city Thursday reached a $300,000 settlement for costs associated with his purchase of a right-of-way on Ninth Street.

Staub says he’s entitled to his fair share.

“There is no conflict of interest at all,” he said. “I already received the (redevelopment incentive) before I was elected the board.”

He said he was asked to formalize his claim, but he would not reveal who asked him to do it.

He recused himself from Thursday’s board discussion of Russell’s settlement, and said he has every right to file a claim for reimbursement.

“My position doesn’t mean I give up my rights,” Staub said.

Supervisor Pete Livermore said board members do not yet know if they will pay or reject Staub’s claim, and that each claim for reimbursement will be treated on an individual basis.