Supervisors expect flat budget |

Supervisors expect flat budget

Terri Harber
Appeal Staff Writer

The word that best describes this year’s budget is “flat,” said City Manager Linda Ritter.

She provided the Board of Supervisors on Thursday with a preview of what likely is to come as they start determining how to allocate money for the upcoming fiscal year.

Taxable sales are on the rise, but so are general fund expenses, she said.

Projected revenue is expected to exceed $55.59 million while expenditures should reach $55.43 million. The amount projected to be available for appropriation: Less than $164,000.

“We have $160,000 in revenue to cover $240,000 in positions,” Ritter said.

Funding for three grant-financed city positions comes to an end once this fiscal year ends: An alternative sentencing officer, domestic violence district attorney and community education/safety coordinator.

Pay and benefits for these employees exceeds $240,000. She and Mayor Marv Teixeira suggested that future grant-based positions be planned as if they will be paid from the regular operating budget. These jobs can become important to the city’s overall operations, both said.

When it comes to budgeting, however, “grant positions are always a challenge,” Ritter said.

Operating expenses on the rise include Carson City’s allocation at the Western Nevada Regional Youth Center, $161,000, and cleaning and maintenance of the new Human Services and Sheriff’s Administration buildings, for a cost still to be determined.

The cost for employee benefits have also gone up substantially during the past several years because the cost of health care has risen dramatically. In 2000, it required 18 percent of the general fund; in 2007 it will reach 23 percent.

“We need to identify a recurring revenue stream to ensure we can fund capital in the future,” Ritter also said.

The proposed budget will be presented to the supervisors on May 4 and must be finalized by May 15.

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