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‘Donut Boy’ Tyler Carach brings sweet treat to Carl Howell Music Festival

There are many ways to thank a law enforcement officer, but one 9-year-old has decided to show his appreciation with their favorite snack: doughnuts.

Tyler Carach came to Carson City, from Florida, Saturday to package and deliver 6,500 doughnuts to local law enforcement.

“I want to say thank you to them because cops are my best friends and they keep us safe,” said Tyler. “I want to thank the cops in America for all they do like put their life on the line because a lot of people judge them all because of a few.”

Tyler has been traveling the nation over the past year to buy doughnuts for police officers across the country to show his thanks. He has visited at least 16 states and distributed more than 25,000 doughnuts now.

“I went to the local doughnut store and saw the cops there so I asked my mom if I could by them doughnuts with my own money because it’s their favorite snacks,” Tyler said.

And his most recent stop was in Nevada to pack up the pastries at the Highway 50 Dunkin’ Donuts Saturday morning.

“I (was) excited to pass out to Nevada officers because I love to thank cops and I have never been to Nevada so it’s my first time,” Tyler said. “So I get to thank some cops and honor the fallen officer at the festival.”

Carson City Sheriff’s Deputies and Nevada Highway Patrol Troopers were at Dunkin’ Donuts to accept their sweet treats from Tyler.

“It makes us feel good that there is a kid at his age doing things like this to thank cops and first responders,” said Carson City Sheriff Sgt. Mike Cullen. “It makes us feel like we are supported.

“When Deputy (Carl) Howell died, we saw support, when we did the procession it was incredible to see the number of people that would pull over and be crying and salute us. It is nice to see that support but it is nice to see when there isn’t a tragedy and it makes you feel good.”

Tyler’s mother Sheena said she has been impressed with her son’s dedication to this project.

“When he came up with this plan I thought he would be like a typical kid and phase out of it, but it has just taken off and snowballed,” Sheena said. “The more he does it, the more he wants to do it.”

After passing out doughnuts at Dunkin’ Donuts, Tyler brought the rest of his doughnuts to the Deputy Howell Memorial Music Festival later that morning.

“I can’t wait to see the cops and I am excited to give them doughnuts,” Tyler said.

Tyler joined the crowd of patrons at the Deputy Howell Memorial Music Festival Saturday to honor the fallen officer’s memory and raise money for his children.

“It is important to come to this because it helps bring a community together,” said Gina Heidt, one of the festival goers. “To see strangers support other strangers. You just feel the love and overwhelming joy. If it was me, in that situation I would want to have that help.”

The festival ran all of Saturday for patrons to enjoy music, food and fun at the Battle Born Harley-Davidson.

“It is awesome, all the support we have received from the community,” said Carl’s father Kevin Howell. “All of the vendors, the food trucks, everyone, it is just wonderful. It is an upbeat event and the whole family is very happy with the support.”

As a special treat, a number of celebrities were in attendance such as actor Patrick Kilpatrick. Though the organizers boasted nearly half a dozen celebrities in attendance, the day of the event, many didn’t show up.

But, festival organizers also brought in a host of musical guests including internationally recognized band the Rednex as well as a number of local bands.

“We want to support a deputy doing his job and his family deserves support,” said Steve Funk, one of the members of the Wabuska Yachting Club.

“The thing is Carl put his life on the line every day and every time they walk that thin blue line that could be the result of a day at work and that’s deserving of the highest honor,” added Cassie Funk, the other member of Wabuska Yachting Club. “So the least we can do is give joy and help the family.”

However, the night was cut short due to weather problems, and the music was canceled due to lightning in the early evening.

The Rednex, Kilpatrick and Ty Herndon were able to visit with guests at a Celebrity Dinner Friday but many were only at the music festival for a short amount of time before they left when the weather turned. Ty Herndon did deliver to his fans and played his set at the Westside Pourhouse.

The proceeds for the event are expected to go into a trust account for the Howell children.