Sylvan offers free finals help |

Sylvan offers free finals help

Teri Vance

While most high school students will be taking the day off Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, others will be hitting the books in a special class to help prepare them for finals.

The Sylvan Learning Center in Carson City will offer a free course to help high school students from Carson City, Dayton and Douglas study for semester finals which will be held next week.

Joni Arrowood-Wahl, executive director, said the center usually closes for the holiday but this year it will remain open.

“I was talking to a couple of high school students and I realized that they have finals right after the holiday,” Arrowood-Wahl said. “I thought, why not take advantage of the opportunity?”

Teacher Jana Henderson said they want to provide another forum for students who need additional help.

“Sometimes its easier for the kids to come here to get help instead of from mom or dad or even the school,” she said.

Jenna Scott, junior, is one such student. Scott said she struggles with math and will spend extra time Monday studying for her geometry final.

“Any points I missed in school, they’ll go over it with me,” she explained. “If they have to, they’ll reteach me.”

Although Arrowood-Wahl said only a “handful” of students have registered so far, she anticipates a successful turnout. To register, call 882-1044.

Joelle Griffin, a certified teacher at the center, will be available to help the students on Monday but said she hopes for more long-term results as well.

“We hope to make the kids more confident,” Griffin said. “We want to show them new test-taking strategies to make them feel more comfortable with tests.”

In addition to help in studying for finals, Arrowood-Wahl said students will also be given tips on how to study more effectively in general and how to better organize their work.

“I think the kids need to realize that if they spend just a little bit extra time for whatever test, they would be amazed at how much better they can do,” she said.

The Sylvan Learning Center, located in the Norwest Bank Building, 308 N. Curry St. Suite 100 , is a supplemental learning program where students can go for one hour two or three times a week after school to improve their grades.

“For some students better means from an ‘F’ to a ‘C’,” Arrowood-Wahl explained. “For others, it can be from ‘A’s and ‘B’s to all ‘A’s.”

She said the center works hand-in-hand with the schools and with the teachers of the individual students. Each teacher at the center works with only three students at a time.

Preparatory classes for the ACT and SAT exams are also available.

Arrowood-Wahl said they want to change the way students view education.

“Education doesn’t have to be boring, stressful and frustrating,” she said. “It can be fun.”

Refreshments will also be served.

To register: call 882-1044