Table tennis anyone? |

Table tennis anyone?

Scott Miners
For the Nevada Appeal

Do you play ping pong (table tennis) in your rec room or garage and wish for a larger space and more people to play with? Well, so did eight other Carson City residents, until they got together and started the Carson City Table Tennis Club.

It is an open table tennis club that now meets 6 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Brewery Arts Center Ballroom, corner of King and Division streets.

It’s important to develop a habit of exercise of some form every day, and certainly playing a game is an attractive way to exercise. The game of table tennis is an all time favorite and the world’s fastest growing sport.

Also, Daniel Amen, M.D., in his book “Making a Good Brain Great,” wrote that “table tennis is the world’s best brain sport.”

Additionally, club playing is also a lot of fun.

Most members of the club are over 40. Exercise such as table tennis protects brain cells from toxins, including free radicals. It helps repair cellular DNA and reduce the risks of cognitive impairment and dementia as well as preserve mental abilities after age 70.

One of the most wonderful aspects of table tennis is the fact that many people over the age of 80 regularly play together at various competitive levels.

• Scott Miners is secretary of the Carson City Table Tennis Club. For more information about the club, call him at 297-3350.