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Tatro clan watches mother honored

by staff reports

Members of the Tatro clan gathered on Wednesday to watch as mom, Kit, was honored by Soroptimists International.

She was selected as a Woman of Distinction by the club for her lifetime of achievement.

Tatro raised five girls and five boys, including Carson City Justice of the Peace John and former supervisor Tom.

Son Jim Tatro described the task of having to raise 10 children.

“Think about her typical week: 252 meals a week; laundry that was measured in tonnage rather than “loads;” diapers before the days of Pampers; grocery shopping. – I remember just putting away the groceries took nearly an hour; keeping the house fit for human habitation with 10 children is a feat in and of itself; trips to and from school, friends, practice, church, etc. and these are just the basics.”

Mrs. Tatro has been a resident of Carson City for nearly 30 years.

Daughter Marilyn Lewis said she wouldn’t have finished college had it not been for her mother.

“She was very disappointed that I stopped going to college and she told me that she would do whatever she could to help me if I decided to go back,” she wrote. “It was several years later that I did go back and she took care of my kids while I went to class. I owe my degree and my current job success to her.”

Tatro family members in attendance were: Pat, Cindy, Don, Nick, Ronda, Tom, Laurie, John, and Jim Tatro, Jenna Scott, Laury Lewis, Marilyn Lewis, Sheila Reinhart, Kathy Jordan and David and Donna Queen.