Nevada Appeal Staff Reports

n Does it hurt?

Yes, but the level of pain depends on the location and varies from person to person.

“The tattoo on my forearm didn’t hurt at all,” said Eric Sjovangen, an apprentice at Revolution. “But the one on the back of my arm (above the elbow) hurt very badly.

“Everyone’s threshhold for pain is different,” he said. “And some people can sit for hours in one position. Others can’t.”

The size and complexity of the tattoo are the determining factors, and a sitting can take 4 to 6 hours. Some tattoos take several sittings, he said.

n Does it come off?

Tattoos are permanent. They can be removed with laser surgery, for about four times the cost of the tattoo, Sjovangen said.

“And it’s very painful,” he said.

The procedure can leave scarring, often a faint scar in the shape of the tattoo, he said.

n Is it expensive?

Prices start at about $60 at Tattoo Revolution, the cost usually adding up to about $100 per hour, Sjovangen said.

“Much depends on the size, the number of lines, the colors used and the area,” he said.

n Is it safe?

“As long as a customer goes to a good shop and the tattoo is applied by someone who knows what they’re doing, it’s extremely safe,” Sjovangen said.