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Teacher wants her teachers to know they’re appreciated

In an era when everyone seems to be teacher-bashing, I have a few people to show long-due appreciation.

Thank you to my family and friends, who supported me through the difficult years of college, the painful student teaching when I paid for the honor of working nearly a year for free, and the moral support when I came home in tears–unsure that I would ever be able to fulfill such a daunting task. I love you guys!

Thank you to the dedicated, patient, and devoted teachers at Jacks Valley Elementary, Carson Valley Middle School and Douglas High for their tireless efforts to get my three children through their school years. Now all adults–one is an artist, one is a financial advisor for Wells Fargo, and another is in retail sales and computer repair, and I am incredibly proud of them all. Thanks especially to those of you who allowed me to learn by letting me use your students as guinea pigs–gleaning ideas and techniques for my own journey through college to get my teaching degree in 2000.

Thank you to my mentors. You helped me to adjust to the endless demands of teaching and showed me that every day I am given many chances to change someone’s life forever.

A HUGE thank you to the families who join PTA, come to meetings, return phone calls, read the newsletter, buy/sell cookies/candles/gift wrap/t-shirts/whatever we are offering to help pay the bills, and/or insure that their children take responsibility for their education. We know how difficult it is to be a parent these days, and you are the sort of teammates that teachers pray to get each year. We are proud to serve you.

Thank you to all the creative paraprofessionals with whom I have had the opportunity to serve. Without you, I would never have made it! You are the foundation of special education, and see so much more than I.

Thank you to the office staffers who are the front lines of our schools. You put on a happy face every day before you head into the trenches and keep us all sane. God Bless You All!

Thank you to my countless colleagues who spend so much of their own money to supply their classroom and students, work late into the night, come in long before contract hours, and spend far too many of their weekend and holiday hours grading papers, calling parents, training, creating entertaining lessons, writing reports, and making sure students get what they need to be successful. You know who you are. Chin up, Baby!

Thank you to the administrators who have shared their wealth of knowledge to help me continue on a path to becoming a better teacher each year. It’s so much easier to get up and head to work each day knowing that I have great coaches.

Thank you to those who see our students safely to school and safely home. Your precious cargo is our future and we appreciate your limitless patience and care.

Thank you to the support staff who change light bulbs, serve our meals, tend our boo-boos, fix the computers, clean up vomit, plow the parking lots, and all the other million details that help us get on with the job. You don’t get the kudos you deserve.

Thank you to the community that supports education in a thousand different ways. We would be lost without you.

Thank you to the lawmakers who know all this, and continue to fight for Nevada’s students/future.

Ninety percent of the people I have worked with over the past ten years are without a doubt, best best I will ever know. They consistently give more than is asked, and never expect anything more than a paycheck that covers this month’s bills.

It’s easy to point a finger at someone when things go wrong, and public schools are in the crosshairs today. I just want you all to know that I understand how hard you work, I see the sacrifices you make, and I am truly and completely honored to call you my colleagues. No matter what they might say–I know that YOU ROCK!

Laurel Dority

Carson Middle School

6th Grade Special Ed. Math/Science

Recycle/Environmental Club Advisor