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Teen in a category all of his own

Jarid Shipley
Appeal Staff Writer
BRAD HORN/Nevada Appeal Caleb Kondor juggles in the bar area of the Gold Hill Hotel on Sunday. Kondor, a Carson High School graduate, is nominated for two Albert Awards.

Caleb Kondor admits he’s a hard person to classify, and has been for most of his life.

In high school, he played offensive and defensive line for the Carson High football team, as well as sousaphone in the marching band. He also threw discus and shot put for the track team.

“I was never really a band geek or a football jock because you really can’t be when you do both,” Kondor, 19, said.

After he graduated from CHS, Kondor enrolled in Western Nevada Community College, and is pursuing a degree in engineering. But he said he doesn’t really want to use it; he’d prefer to take another path.

“I’m looking into going to renaissance fairs doing juggling and try to make money doing that. My little brother and I juggle together, and part of our act is that he gets on my shoulders and juggles,” Kondor said.

He taught himself how to juggle to improve his peripheral vision and dexterity for football, then grew to love doing it.

“Now I can juggle shoes, socks, water bottles and lit torches,” Kondor said. “The coolest thing I have ever juggled was shot puts. I juggled two 12-pound and one 16-pound shot put.”

Kondor expressed amazement at how many people get the basics of juggling.

“I’d be practicing, and someone would come up and ask if they could see the balls for a minute. Not many people get deep into it, but you’d be surprised how many people know how to juggle,” Kondor said.

Two years ago, he started helping out with setup for the Gold Hill Theater Troupe, because his older sister Carleana was an actress with the group.

“I started doing preshow, and eventually it turned into some acting. I’ve only done two plays, and it’s still pretty new to me. I didn’t have any acting or theater experience, but I enjoy doing it,” Kondor said.

Sunday, he was nominated for two Albert awards, given out by the troupe for good performances from the preceding year. Kondor is nominated for Best Young Actor and Promising Newcomer, for which he competed against his sister.

“We try to help each other, and because of that, we get along better than any of the other siblings,” Kondor said.

He has three sisters and one brother.

As for his future, Kondor said his focus will remain on juggling, but he will continue to mix in some acting.

“I think I’ll keep doing the acting because it helps me when I’m on stage juggling,” Kondor said. “I’ve got the technical presence, but I don’t really have a shtick.”

Yet, at the awards, the most difficult question for Kondor was picking a celebrity he resembles.

“I don’t really follow that stuff, so I really have no idea,” he said.

The other members of the troupe were happy to pick for him, calling him a young Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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