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Teen: Shooting seemed like a dream

by F.T. Norton

A Carson City teen who surrendered Tuesday following a Sunday night incident in which he allegedly stabbed his ex-girlfriend and shot her father said it all “seems like a dream.”

John “Nubs” Linville, 17, was booked into Carson City Jail on suspicion of attempted murder with a deadly weapon for allegedly stabbing ex-girlfriend Desiree Beaumont, 16, in the back and battery with a deadly weapon for allegedly firing a .22-caliber handgun into Ed Beaumont’s chest. Miraculously, the bullet did not injure Beaumont.

According to the arrest report, Linville’s neighbor called Detective Dena Lacy on Tuesday afternoon to report that Linville was at his Surrey Lane home and wanted to surrender.

When police arrived, a freshly shorn Linville walked outside with four friends and the neighbor. He was taken into custody without incident, the report states.

During questioning, Linville allegedly said he had been drinking all day Sunday when he and Desiree began sending text messages back and forth.

Linville said he remembers asking Desiree if he could go to her house. When she agreed he began to walk, but en route, stopped at a friend’s house and stole a gun from the friend’s father, the report states.

The friend and his father both allegedly heard Linville say he wanted to kill Desiree, said Lacy, but they both thought after talking with him he had calmed down.

The friend then allegedly drove Linville to Desiree’s Walker Drive home and waited outside. Linville said his friend did not know he had weapons on him.

“He said he obviously intended on hurting Desiree or else he wouldn’t have taken a gun and knife over there,” the report states. “John said … it all seems like a dream. He said he doesn’t know if he was going to kill Desiree or himself, but he doesn’t think he was going to kill her whole family.”

According to Sheriff Ken Furlong, once at Desiree’s house, Linville allegedly stabbed her as she tried to run past him on the porch. When her father heard her screams, he rushed outside and Linville allegedly fired the gun he had stolen earlier in the evening.

The bullet, which left a powder burn on Ed Beaumont’s shirt, did not pierce his clothing or body.

Beaumont said he then yanked the gun from Linville and chased him down the street, beating him with the weapon, which fell apart with each blow.

When Beaumont let go of Linville to check on his daughter, Linville allegedly fled.

The girl was also not seriously injured.

According to the arrest report, Linville said that as he was running away, his friend drove off. He allegedly told Lacy he had been hiding out at “Lucky Canyon” off Deer Run Road since the shooting and had walked to his friend’s house to surrender.

When asked if he was concerned about whether Desiree or her father were hurt, Linville said he was worried about Desiree, the report states.

“I asked about Edward. He told me he worried more about Desiree than her dad because they never really got along,” Lacy wrote in the report.

“I asked him if he regretted what he did,” Lacy added. “He said yes, as soon as he was running down the street he regretted it.”

According to the report, Linville said he surrendered “because he has problems that need to be addressed.”

He is being held on $250,000 bail.

According to District Attorney Neil Rombardo, despite the fact that Linville is 17 years old, Nevada law does not consider attempted murder a delinquent act.

“He is automatically treated as an adult. No certification is required,” said Rombardo.