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Teri Vance: Donations are sought for foster children

Teri Vance

The Comstock Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Dayton is asking for the community’s help in assembling bags to hand to children when they enter the foster system.

“There are children entering our foster system in Lyon County everyday, some for the first time and unfortunately for some it will be one of many times they have to say goodbye to all that is familiar,” said Sara Ross, president of the Comstock Ward Relief Society, which is organizing the project. “Many children leave with just the clothes on their backs or a few personal items in a black garbage sack.”

Ross said the church sewed 70 bags last year, and filled them with a toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, underwear, pajamas, a handmade pillowcase and a small stuffed animal. Bags specifically for teens included deodorant, a disposable razor, feminine hygiene items and shampoo. Bags for babies included items such as wipes, diaper cream and bottles or pacifiers.

“While we were able to put together this service last year, we would like to give others in the community an opportunity to join us in whatever way they wish to participate,” Ross said.”It can help those first scary moments be a little less frightening.”

She said churches and other organizations can collect items specific to a certain age group or a certain category of items, such as pajamas or wipes and bottles. They can also help sew pillow cases or come to the culminating event on Nov. 5 to stuff all the bags with their respective goodies.

“If you have another way in which you would like to participate we are open to ideas,” Ross said.

The bags will be filled Nov. 5 at the Dayton LDS Church, 304 Driftwood Way.

“We have a chance to do something for those who do not have a voice,” Ross said. “We can let them know that even though they may be small and be in a less than ideal circumstance, they still matter. We can let them know that there is good in a world that is showing them otherwise.”

Anyone wishing to help or for more information, call Sara Ross at (775) 220¬-6955.