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Teri’s Notebook

Teri Vance

In everything is a story.

I find them everywhere, even when I’m not looking.

So I’ve always been grateful for you, who let me tell your stories and you, who read what I write.

But for every story that gets published in the Nevada Appeal, there’s always more which don’t see print — those things that happen behind the scenes. Those are the anecdotes I share in the newsroom or with my friends and family.

Like just a couple of weeks ago when a precocious 9-year-old asked me to read his quotes back to him. That’s something nervous public officials often request, making sure they sound OK and that I’ve done my job properly. The only time it is appropriate, however, is when it comes from a third-grader.

On the topic of public officials, some are wary and defensive of the press — which only serves to make us wary and defensive in return — while others are casual and welcoming. The late-Gov. Kenny Guinn was always gracious, even crossing the street once just to make sure he said hello to me. He had a habit of putting his arm around me when I interviewed him — a kind gesture for sure, but he’d pull me so close, there was barely any room to squeeze my notebook between us to write down what he was saying.

Most of the stories are relatively insignificant, but they do speak to the kind of community we live in and the kind of people we share our lives with.

And I want to share them with you (because we’re friends, right?).

I’m starting a new column this week, Teri’s Notebook, to tell those kinds of stories. I’ll tell you about the things I see and hear while I’m out and about covering news, the things that typically don’t get reported.

It also will be a place to share some events or milestones that maybe aren’t big enough to be a news article, but still worthy of letting people know about.

I just read on Facebook today local model Kendra Thurman will be representing L’Oreal Paris as a brand ambassador 1-5 p.m. today at the Walmart on Topsy Lane. If you stop by to visit her during those hours, you’ll get a discount for the new Preference Mousse Absolute Hair Color by L’Oreal.

“You’ll know it’s me because I’ll be wearing a L’Oreal apron,” she explained. “I’m excited. It’s a major breakthrough in my career.”

Seems like a pretty cool gig. You should stop by.

I’ll probably tell some of my own stories, too, about growing up on rural Nevada ranches. A glimpse into the pieces and places and lifestyle of our state that not many people have a chance to experience.

It’ll be a little bit of everything. A glimpse in my notebook.

Teri Vance is a native Nevadan and longtime Nevada Appeal reporter. Contact her at tvance@nevadaappeal.com or 775-881-1272.