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Termination of Dayton Chamber part time paid employee

DAYTON - The Dayton Chamber of Commerce board terminated its first and only paid employee, following a closed session Monday.

Mary McDonald was released as chamber office manager of Oct.1. She had been employed for a year.

Chamber President Wayne Pedlar refused to make any comment on the action other than to acknowledge the termination. He also refused to say how individual board members voted.

“Votes on personnel decisions do not have to be made public with nonprofit corporations as they do with public entities,” Pedlar said. “The board also took the stance that the only comments regarding the situation will come from me as president.”

McDonald was paid $150 per week to work up to 15 hours. She was also reimbursed for travel and other expenses.

Earlier in the meeting, the board discussed the need for a paid employee versus using volunteer assistance from chamber members to run day-to-day business operations. The board took no action pending a review of the chamber budget.