Thanks to those who helped Helping Hands |

Thanks to those who helped Helping Hands

Tanya Edmondson
Dayton Elementary SchoolBarry said we should run this in 411 because Kudos and Letters are full.

The compassion of the human spirit overwhelms me. On Christmas morning while I watched my daughter open presents, my mind drifted to all of the other children from Dayton who had to be as excited as she was.

The more I thought about it the more awestruck and speechless I became. I truly wanted to weep with gratitude.

My name is Tanya Edmondson and I am the school counselor at Dayton Elementary School.

This was our second year we implemented the Helping Hands Program that assists families less fortunate during Christmas.

This year, 167 names were placed on mittens requesting wishes; a basketball, a new doll, new shoes, a chew toy for my dog.

Thanks to amazing people like you, every single child’s wish came true.

Friends, neighbors, grandparents, teachers, nurses, schools, state department workers, insurance agencies, real estate agents – so many people contributed. I would thank all of you individually if I could – just know that you are in my thoughts and in the hearts of so many.

Without your generosity, 62 families wouldn’t have experienced what they did – the spirit of Christmas. I’m still believing.

— Tanya Edmondson is a counselor at Dayton Elementary School.