The buzz around the business expo |

The buzz around the business expo

Becky Bosshart
Appeal Staff Writer
BRAD HORN/Nevada Appeal Chuck Kustler, of Reno, sinks a putt at the Carson City Plaza & Conference Center's booth at the Business Expo at the Nevada Appeal on Wednesday. Watching is Jennifer Johnson, front desk manager at the Carson City Hotel.

Networking was the goal for many of the 900 visitors at Wednesday’s Northern Nevada Regional Business & Tech Expo. Others came to see what all the buzz was about.

Moms wheeled strollers down the aisles of business vendors inside the warehouse of the Nevada Appeal building on Mallory Way while looking out for new products. Business owners chatted with those who could help them profit more. One executive viewed all of this from about 12 feet up while strapped into the PowerQuick powered ascender.

At the fourth annual expo, visitors learned more about Carson City industry.

Vendors saw how to attract people to their booths, instead of just getting a glance.

What attracts you to a booth?

“Lighting, decorating like that booth there (green foliage at the David Walley’s Resort booth). But, as a business owner you look for things that can help you. My husband has a company, so I talked to the payroll business.”

– Geré Clark, of Dayton

What booths have interested you the most?

“The Business Weekly booth because I’m an independent contractor, so that’s how I can market myself. And that guy on that thing (the man in the power life ascender). I don’t even know what that is, but he looks like Spider-Man.”

– Jennifer Parsons, of Carson City

Are you scared up there? (Asked of the executive strapped into the PowerQuick powered ascender)

“No, I helped build this one. It’s nice up here. You can see all the booths from up here.”

– Michael Batrich, director of

manufacturing and quality for

Bonanza Products, who goes by the nickname “Bat Guy”

What brings you to the business expo with your children?

“We work from home, and they work with us. We like to see what types of companies are here. That’s probably more personal than business. We talked to an architect and an insurance person and a satellite company because we’re building a home.”

– Polly Stankuviene, of Carson City, pushing 2-year-old Adomas. Husband Adolph Stankus carried

4-month-old Suzanna.

Have you sold any margaritas yet? (Asked to the co-owner of Margarita Man)

“I think a lot of people do want margaritas, but they’re working, or they’re in the business mode. This is not the place we’ll be selling a lot. But we want people to do a taste test.”

– Yvette Yates, co-owner of the Margarita Man, who gave away about

20 small cups and sold

four full-size drinks by noon

Where’s the worst place to have your booth?

“Next to an insurance salesman. They don’t care what kind of insurance you have, they just want to sell you their’s. But these guys have been polite. They gave me their spiel and then left me alone. Being by the front door is a good spot because I get to see who’s coming in and what kind of traffic there is.”

– John Copoulos, architect, whose booth was next to an insurance salesman and the front entrance

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