The Change Place in Carson City closing Dec. 2 |

The Change Place in Carson City closing Dec. 2

The Change Place will soon be closing its doors.

The year-old, Carson Street health club told members this week it will be closing on Dec. 2.

“We had a vision and a mission and we gave it a full year to see if we were moving in the right direction. We didn’t expect to make it there in a year, but it was clear we weren’t going to get there soon enough,” said Don Kuhl, who with his wife Sherry Newsom owns and operates the facility.

That mission, Kuhl said, was helping people make healthy choices.

“Our whole goal was to get people to combine emotional and physical health in a way to help them make better lifestyle changes,” he said.

To that end, the 12,000-square foot club offered more than treadmills and weight machines — fresh flowers, free fruit, and art lining the wall were part of the package as was yoga, massage therapy, and meditation classes.

Starting Nov. 13, members can call The Change Place to arrange for a prorated refund of their membership fee. The club has about 150 members, said Kuhl.

The facility may morph into something similar to The Change Place, but with more of an emphasis on medical services.

Kuhl said he’s in negotiations with a local physician who may take over the space.

“That should be decided in the next few weeks,” said Kuhl.

Kuhl is hoping The Change Place’s five employees, only one of which works full time, may be able to continue to work in the facility.

The Change Place was a spin-off of sorts from Kuhl’s other business, which he says also works to help people make positive changes.

The Change Companies is a publisher and trainer specializing in addiction and mental health, and health improvement.

Kuhl said there’s a silver lining for him personally. He suffered a heart attack five years ago and took advantage of the club.

“I feel younger than ever,” Kuhl said. “I’ve been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle by just being part of The Change Place.”

The club is located at 2814 N. Carson St.