The Original Wailers kick off Levitt Amp Brewery Arts Center Carson City concert series |

The Original Wailers kick off Levitt Amp Brewery Arts Center Carson City concert series

Kyler Klix
The Original Wailers, featuring Grammy-nominated Al Anderson, lead guitarist for Bob Marley & The Wailers, open the Brewery Arts Center Outdoor Concert Series Saturday.


WHAT: The Original Wailers at Levitt Amp BAC Concert Series

WHEN: Saturday, June 23, 7 p.m.

WHERE: Minnesota Street Stage 449 West King St., Carson City


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The Brewery Arts Center pulled some strings this year to get one of the biggest touring reggae bands for the Levitt AMP Carson City concert series.

Reggae giants The Original Wailers grace the Minnesota Street stage on Saturday.

Al Anderson said he’s excited to kick off the concert series.

“I’m just looking forward to getting to Carson City and laying it down for our fans,” said the lead guitarist.

The Original Wailers keep the legacy of Bob Marley alive. Through the band, Bob Marley’s music will always live for people to enjoy.

“I’m going to continue to honor the music that we produced and played with him because that is what he wanted,” Anderson said. “And as a friend, I’m honored to play the music.”

Now 37 years after Marley’s passing, The Original Wailers stay booked with large gigs from coast to coast. The music is familiar with fans, and Anderson said he had no idea how the sound would hold up to the test of time.

“Every night, it’s really interesting how the audience gets involved,” he said. “It’s like a sing-along.”

Many of the fans really get involved with the popular songs such as, “Three Little birds,” or “No Woman, No Cry.”

“I had no idea it was going to go down like that,” Anderson said. “The music has stood the testament of time.”

Marley’s music flourished over the years and it helped moved reggae from the minority into the majority of music, Anderson said. The genre has evolved and includes more bands and musicians nowadays than it did 40 years ago.

“It’s exactly what Bob Marley and The Wailers wanted to happen,” Anderson said.

When The Original Wailers kick off the Levitt Amp series, Anderson said the people can expect a big sing-along and a whole bunch of improvisational fun.

“I’m guaranteeing it,” he said.

When asked about returning to the area and what he remembers of it, Anderson said “the lake.”

“I’ve been fishing out there years ago,” he said. “It’s God’s country. It’s really beautiful out there.”

Anderson also mentioned the band is working on a new album. He said it will be a bilingual album — Spanish and English — and he hopes they’ll be done with it by August. The Original Wailers were nominated for a Grammy Award in 2013 for their album “Miracle.”