These dogs have got some moves |

These dogs have got some moves

Staff report

It was a beautiful day Sunday at Fuji Park, where dog agility trials are taking place through today. It’s one of six annual competitions in the region put on by the North American Dog Agility Council. People and their canine companions came from all over the West – most notably from Nevada, California, and Oregon – to prepare for the championships that will take place in two weeks in Wyoming.

The dogs, which require at least a year or two of training to compete, range in ability from novice to elite. Regardless of pedigree, the most important element is to “make the dog want to play this game more than anything,” trainer Jill Bonifield of Medford, Ore. said. “A lot of these dogs are rescues, and these competitions give the dogs a huge amount of confidence.”

Today’s activities will begin at 8 a.m.