This business caters to the Ford crowd |

This business caters to the Ford crowd

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal Brian Jaquish is the general manager of Concours Parts and Accessories.

Brian Jaquish is the general manager for Concours Parts and Accessories in Carson City.

He oversees all operations of the Carson City business – which sells Ford parts exclusively – including sales of parts, buying parts, payroll, “you name it.”

If there’s one thing that can make any car enthusiast become green with envy, it’s seeing a beautifully restored classic like a 1955 Ford Thunderbird or 1957 Ford Fairlane on the road.

For many classic cars across the United States and overseas, Concours Parts and Accessories has been a part of their restoration.

How long have you owned/operated Concours Parts and Accessories in Carson City?

Concours Parts is owned by Larry Evenson. We have been in business for a little more than 20 years, in Carson City for the past eight.

You mentioned you recently met Sgt. John McLoughlin, a New York Port Authority Policeman who survived the collapse of Tower Two on Sept. 11, 2001. Why did you meet him and what was that like?

Sgt. McLoughlin owns a 1955 Ford Thunderbird that is being restored with the help of the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) organization. When we found out about the project we decided to donate all of the parts for the restoration.

My father and I flew back to New York to see the car and to meet Sgt. McLoughlin. We had the honor of having lunch with John and spending a little time with him. He is a true American hero in my opinion and to have the opportunity to help him in any way is a great honor.

You can read more about the project and see photos of the car on our Web site –

What are a few of the hardest-to-find parts in the Ford industry?

The hardest parts to find are the ones that only fit one year. Companies are reluctant to go out and reproduce parts that only fit one model year.

What are the most commonly requested parts for people rebuilding/restoring classic cars?

The most common part is the weatherstripping. In most cases the weatherstripping is either rotted away or was destroyed taking the car apart for painting. Every car that is being restored needs weatherstripping.

Do you sponsor any car shows, other events in the area?

We are one of the major sponsors for the Silver Dollar Car Classic held in Carson City every year.

Does business pick up when local car clubs are having shows? (i.e., Karson Kruzers Run What Cha Brung, Silver Dollar Car Classic, Hot August Nights).

We pick up a little but not that much really. The best part about the local car shows and Hot August Nights is that we get to see some of the cars. Being mostly a mail-order business we spend all of our time on the phone selling parts and we never get to see the cars.

Is there anything you can’t supply?

There is always some part that is on back order or goes obsolete. That’s just part of the business. We are always looking for new vendors and manufacturers.

Why Ford?

Because my father was a Ford dealership parts manager back in the ’60s and he has always been a Ford guy.