Three arrested on suspicion of burglary |

Three arrested on suspicion of burglary

Nevada Appeal Staff Report

Carson City sheriff’s deputies said they arrested three burglars red-handed Monday afternoon, thanks to a quick-on-the-call neighbor.

Sheriff Ken Furlong said a resident saw two juveniles carrying items out of a local attorney’s house. The neighbor called 911 and took photos with a cellphone.

One of the suspects ran, leading deputies on a chase through backyards and over fences. A large area was cordoned off, trapping the runner and the getaway driver.

The driver was an adult but was not giving deputies any identifying information as of Monday evening.

Furlong said that based on description of the crime, it sounds like it wasn’t the first burglary the three have committed.

Furlong said that with this arrest and a burglary arrest made last week, the burglary trend should drop. It had started rising about six months ago, he said.

“In between Patrol and Detectives, we’ve made a major dent,” he said.