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Tillman closed; Jacks Valley speed limit temporarily reduced

Staff Reports

Tillman Road is closed from Kimmerling Road to Patricia Drive because of unsafe driving conditions.

The road has been damaged by three months of extreme freeze-thaw cycles and recent flooding, according to Melissa Blosser, public information officer for the county. The road is expected to remain closed for 2-4 months while design options are considered and the road is rebuilt once weather improves. The county will address the lack of drainage improvements in order to improve stormwater flow in the area.

“We understand this is an inconvenience for our residents, and this is something that will take some time,” said Chris Oakden, road superintendent. “We have to address the drainage issue, or we will fix the road and flooding will cause deterioration again.”

The freeze-thaw temperatures this winter caused pavement cracks and previously filled potholes to break apart and raise, allowing water to enter the sub-pavement. The older paved roads where temperatures frequently fluctuate above and below 32 degrees were particularly affected. Snow and flooding conditions, heavy trucks and snow plows then broke away the raised areas causing potholes. These effects can be seen on several of the county’s older paved roads.

Pothole repair will start as soon as possible on all county roads depending on several factors including severity, weather and workload priority, Blosser said.

In addition, Jacks Valley Road has a temporary speed limit of 30 mph and is scheduled to be fully reconstructed in late spring or early summer between Genoa Lane and the Upper James Canyon Loop.

To avoid pothole damage to your car:

■ Make sure your tires are properly inflated.

■ Leave plenty of room in front of your vehicle so you have time to safely avoid potholes and crashes.

■ If you can’t avoid hitting a pothole, slow down instead of braking as you approach a pothole. Braking actually causes more damage in a pothole situation.

■ When driving over a pothole, hold the steering wheel firmly to maintain control of your vehicle.

■ Use caution and drive slowly when driving over a puddle or through the snow, which may be hiding deep potholes.