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Time capsule from 1966 to be exhumed Monday

by F.T. Norton
Appeal Staff Writer
BRAD HORN/NevadA Appeal Retired Carson City Sheriff's Capt. Don Cave shows a newspaper clipping from July 10, 1966, when the current sheriff's office building was opened. On Monday morning, Cave will take part in a ceremony to exhume a time capsule encased in the building's cornerstone 41 years ago.

The contents of a time capsule buried in 1966 in the cornerstone of the Carson City Sheriff’s Department on Musser Street won’t be a mystery much longer.

On Monday morning, with some words from Sheriff Ken Furlong and Mayor Marv Teixeira, the capsule will be exhumed in preparation for the building’s demolition to make a parking lot for the new building next door.

“I don’t remember exactly what’s all in there,” said retired Sheriff’s Capt. Don Cave with a smile that said otherwise. “There’s a mixture of stuff I think.”

Cave, 78, began as deputy and made his way up to captain between 1956-75. On Friday in his east Carson City home, the retired lawman flipped through a scrapbook with newspaper clippings of big cases he was part of, or comrades he lost. His book also contained photographs of the time capsule’s interment at the “state-of-the-art” building that four decades later has become obsolete.

The Ormsby County Sheriff’s Department and the Carson City Police Department had outgrown their tiny office in the downstairs of the Carson Street courthouse, and the building on Musser Street was “the envy of everyone,” he recalled.

“Spacious, modern and man, do we need it,” began a fawning article on the opening of the building on a July day 41 years ago.

Furlong anticipates that next week, they’ll begin moving into the newer building.

Lt. Ray Saylo said Monday’s ceremony is open to the public.

Furlong said the brass capsule will be removed from the building, cut open and its contents put into a display case at the new building for a month.

The contents will then be placed into another capsule and reinterred along with items from 2007 at a later date.

Limited tours of the new building will also be offered following the ceremony, he said.

Exactly what the time capsule contains is watercooler fodder around the department.

Cave’s wife, Pat, said she heard there might be a Nevada Day pin in there.

Then-Mayor Jim Robertson said he has no recollection of the event or the capsule’s contents and is curious to see what’s inside.

Teixeira said he’s looking forward to the ceremony and won’t hazard a guess as to what’s inside.

“I’m gonna be as surprised as anybody,” he said.

Furlong is anxious for Monday to get here.

“This ceremony will mark the close of the present complex. We feel a mix between fear and excitement. We have no idea what’s in it,” he said, laughing. “Or what if there’s nothing in it at all?”

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