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Timeout with David Laumea


Nevada Appeal Sports Writer

(David Laumea is a defensive tackle for the Carson Senators football team. The senior had five sacks this season.)

MH: Fill in the blank: (Kansas City Chiefs defensive end) Glenn Dorsey is “

DL: I think he should’ve gone to Notre Dame instead of LSU. That’s just me.

MH: (Blank) is so hot.

DL: (Singer) Katy Perry. I wish she would marry me.

MH: My ESPN Moment would be “

DL: When Notre Dame beats USC. They (the Fightin’ Irish) have never won (against the Trojans) in my lifetime ” the last seven, eight years, anyway. Half my family is from Los Angeles ” my dad , he likes USC ” and the other half ” my mom ” likes Notre Dame. I can’t stand USC.

MH: After registering a game-saving sack, I’d like to say (pick a one-liner) “

DL: I guess I’d say, ‘I love my mama.’

MH: If I could be one celebrity, it would be “

DL: Sean Astin. Because he was Rudy and he’s also in ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ I love ‘The Lord of the Rings.’

MH: If I could’ve written one song, it would have been “

DL: I guess, ‘Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!’ by the Vegaboys. It’s a happy song.

MH: When I’m not playing football or going to school, I’m usually “

DL: Playing ‘Lord of the Rings’ with my friend (and teammate) Robby Barlow.

MH: If you were a character in ‘Lord of the Rings,’ which one would you be?

DL: I would be Aragorn, because he’s King of Gondor.

MH: Who’s the funniest guy on the team?

DL: (Defensive lineman) Ryan Hoskins. He acted like a girl a lot. He acted feminine. I think he does it on purpose.

MH: When I’m 40 ”

DL: I’ll have my son playing for Carson High School. I’ll be watching my son play for Carson.

MH: What’s the last non-school book you read?

DL: I don’t think I’ve read one yet. Actually, it was ‘The Giving Tree,’ by Shel Silverstein. You learn how to share and give back.

MH: What don’t people get about playing defensive tackle?

DL: They don’t understand that we’re the stars of the team. We don’t get the glory the linebackers get. They get most of the tackles (because of the way the defense is structured). They’d better get the most tackles.

MH: When I’m stressed, I “

DL: I pick on my sister (14-year-old Marie). It makes me feel better.

MH: If you could spend the day with one just one person, who would it be?

DL: (Cleveland Browns quarterback) Brady Quinn. He’s my favorite football player.

MH: Rewind or fast-forward?

DL: Rewind to my freshman year, so I could start high school football again.

MH: Timeout or Parting Shot?

DL: Parting Shot. (CHS offensive lineman/defensive lineman/wrestler) Justin Barlow has got a huge head. We call him ‘Bone Saw’ in wrestling.