Tips for cell phone users |

Tips for cell phone users

If you received a wireless phone as a gift this holiday season, you are joining the more than 80 million Americans using wireless technology today.

In fact, the Cellular Telephone Industry Association estimates more than 6 million wireless phones were purchased during the second half of 1999 alone.

Most people agree wireless phones help manage multiple commitments, stay in touch and enhance busy lifestyles. Wireless phones also come with significant responsibilities for the user – especially in the area of safe and courteous use.

Here are some tips from AT&T for all wireless customers:

— The safe operation of your vehicle is your primary responsibility. Do not let anything – a wireless phone call, the radio/CD/tape, the kids, applying makeup, a newspaper, food and beverages – distract you from the safe operation of your vehicle.

— Allow voice mail to handle your calls and return them at your convenience.

If you must answer:

— Pull off the road to a safe area or ask a passenger to take the call for you.

— Position the phone within easy reach.

— Use hands-free equipment – earpiece, headset or car kit – if available.

— Use speed dial and automatic re-dial features.

— Dial numbers while you are not moving.

— Suspend conversation during hazardous driving conditions.

— Do not engage in stressful or emotional conversations while driving.

— Never take notes or look up numbers while driving.

In addition to safe driving, the courteous use of your wireless phone is something that others will appreciate. Whether at a movie, restaurant, place of worship, play, airport, sports event or other public gathering, please:

— Set your phone on silent or vibrate, so as not to disturb others during a performance.

— If you must receive a call in a public place, ask you caller to please wait while you exit the facility, so as not to disturb others.

— Speak in a normal volume once you begin the conversation. Even though the phones are small, there is no need to shout and impose your conversation on others.

— Find a secluded place to make and receive calls – near the pay phones, near the front entrance of the restaurant or the theater etc. Do not handle calls from your restaurant table, movie or theater seat.

— Be considerate of those who are with you. Keep your phone conversation short.