Tips for surviving severe summer heat |

Tips for surviving severe summer heat

Staff report
Brad Horn/Nevada Appeal Dutch Bachelder, of Silver Springs, lifts an air conditioner into his cart at Lowe's in Carson City on Friday.

Heat-related illnesses can be deadly, and city officials urge people to take precautions to avoid them.

High temperatures, such as those experienced Thursday, are expected to continue – and can have serious health consequences.

Those at highest risk are the very young and the elderly because their bodies are less able to adjust to severe temperature increases.

People who must work outdoors in extremely high temperatures also are at high risk because they can quickly become dehydrated. This rapid loss of body fluid can elevate one’s body temperature which, in turn, can result in heat stroke or heat exhaustion. If these symptoms are not addressed quickly, brain damage or death can result.

Among other important tips:

• Never leave infants, children or pets in a parked car because temperatures can soar in a matter of minutes and result in severe brain injury or even death;

• Drink plenty of fluids that don’t contain caffeine or alcohol (these cause dehydration);

• Stay indoors, preferably in an air-conditioned environment, such as libraries and shopping malls;

• Limit strenuous activities between noon to 6 p.m., when temperatures tend to be highest;

• Establish a buddy system for checking on elderly relatives and friends.

The entire list of recommendations is at, or call 887-2190 for details.