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8 a.m.

• Assembly Ways and Means, Room 3137, Bills to be heard: SB156, SB310, SB404, SB479, SB510, SB511, SB512, SB514.

• Senate Commerce and Labor, Room 2135. Bill to be heard: AB385 .

• Senate Finance, Room 2134. Bills to be heard: AB53, AB109, AB209, AB249, AB321, AB403, AB438, AB525.

11 a.m.

• Senate and Assembly floor sessions

• Senate Human Resources and Education, upon adjournment of the Senate floor session; Room 2135. Bills to be heard: AB36, AB289, AB388, AB524.

2 p.m.

• Senate Legislative Operations and Elections, Room 2144. Bills to be heard: AB3, AB498.

• Senate Taxation, Room 2135. Bills to be heard: SB45, SB181, SB233, SB339, SB356, SB358, SB394, SB457, SB509.


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