Tour booster loves history, holidays |

Tour booster loves history, holidays

Dorothy Dolan and her husband Bill sit at the Brewery Arts Center during the Victorian Christmas Tour on Sunday morning.

Dorothy Dolan , married to her husband, Bill, for 59 years, has been an integral part of the Victorian Holiday Homes Tour of Carson City for the last 20.

“I love history,” she says, “sitting in a fold-out chair next to her husband, sipping cider.

Occasionally, as someone comes in, she invites them upstairs to have some refreshments.

She said she was heartbroken over the passing of resident Bob McFadden.

Upstairs, kids are playing antique games like blindman’s bluff and pick-up sticks. Dolan seems content to enjoy the company of her husband.

A certified history buff, she’s spent time in Washington, D.C., at the Smithsonian Institute and at the Brooklyn Museum, but she calls Northern Nevada home.

“I love it here,” she says. “Especially during the holiday season.”

Some call the structures she so loves treasures. Others call her a treasure.

– Peter Thompson