Transient says jail ‘not too bad’ |

Transient says jail ‘not too bad’

Sheila Gardner
Nevada Appeal News Service

A 20-year-old transient, accused of smoking marijuana with two juveniles, pleaded guilty Wednesday to possession of drug paraphernalia and was sentenced to 30 days in Douglas County Jail.

Dakota Jade Stone told East Fork Justice Tom Perkins he didn’t mind going to jail because he was homeless.

“It’s not too bad,” Stone said.

He was arrested Nov. 15 at Ranchos Aspen Park after a report of a man with two juveniles in the park.

Stone admitted smoking marijuana with the two 13-year-olds, but denied giving them the drug.

“I was walking down to get a pack of smokes and get something to eat,” Stone said. “I smelled marijuana and seen two kids smoking. They said they ditched school. They asked me to smoke. I knew where there was a pipe in the bushes and went over there and got it. One kid said it was his mother’s pot.”

Perkins advised Stone to avoid juveniles.

“If you smoke pot with

13-year-olds, you’re asking for trouble,” Perkins said. “If this went to trial, there’s no telling what those two would say. I don’t know who I’d believe.”

The juveniles told deputies that Stone provided the marijuana.

According to reports, Stone owes $200 in fees in Carson City on a similar paraphernalia charge.