Trespasser ordered off school campuses |

Trespasser ordered off school campuses

Nevada Appeal News Service

MINDEN – A 19-year-old Gardnerville man with a history of trespassing at Douglas High School was ordered Wednesday to stay off all school campuses or face more than one year in Douglas County Jail.

“You’re a scary guy,” East Fork Justice Jim EnEarl told Michael Sznytzer.

“Back in November, you trespassed on Douglas High School grounds, created a disturbance, used foul language, confronted officials. I told you not to go back over to the high school. You went anyway under the auspices to see a school counselor about completing your GED (general equivalency diploma). That’s a laudable goal, but you went to your girlfriend’s classroom again where you created another disturbance.

“In the same time frame, you drove nearly 60 miles per hour in a 25-mph zone and you had brass knuckles. That sounds scary to me. It sounds like you’re not stable,” EnEarl said.

Sznytzer is not a student.

Sznytzer was arrested May 7 after high school officials reported he was on campus and causing a disturbance. Previously, he was arrested in November for the same offense.

EnEarl sentenced Sznytzer to a total of more than a year in jail, suspended for one year, on the condition that he violate no laws and stay off all Douglas school campuses. The only exception would be if he enrolls at Western Nevada College.

He ordered Sznytzer to get an evaluation from Douglas Mental Health and follow recommended treatment. He must get a job.

He ordered Sznytzer to return to court June 14 and Aug. 9 for status conferences to prove he was undergoing counseling and meeting other terms of his release.

Sznytzer pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of attempted possession of a dangerous weapon and speeding.