Trio nabbed in copper thefts |

Trio nabbed in copper thefts

F.T. Norton

A trio suspected of copper thefts in the area were jailed Thursday after an alternative sentencing officer spotted them fleeing from a smoking building.

Melissa Clack, 28, Aaron Clack, 27 and Joshua Terry Stephens, 27, were arrested following a short vehicle pursuit and foot chase.

According to Carson City Sheriff’s Detective Daniel Gonzales, Alternative Sentencing Officer Justin Ryba had driven out to the Brunswick Bridge area of the Carson River in a search for probationers.

Once there, Ryba allegedly saw smoke coming from a brick structure. Ryba watched the vehicle through binoculars before realizing the passengers were looking back at him through binoculars, said Gonzales.

“Once he turned his truck around, they bolted,” said Gonzales. The vehicle eventually did stop at the bridge near Bertagnolli Aggregates off Brunswick Canyon Road, but when Ryba exited his vehicle, driver Aaron Clack allegedly ran off on foot and Stephens jumped down a 15-20 foot embankment into the river. Melissa Clack then allegedly sped off in the vehicle.

Stephens, who suffered a broken ankle in the jump, and Melissa Clack were captured fairly quickly, said Gonzales. Aaron Clack ran along a ridge line in the area keeping deputies at bay for about a half hour before ultimately being arrested.

The smoke was determined to be from the trio allegedly burning the insulation off copper wire possibly stolen in Washoe County, said Gonzales.

Melissa Clack is being held on conspiracy to obstruct extinguishment of a fire, possession of controlled substance (ecstacy) and trafficking. Bail was set at $25,000.

Aaron Clack is being held on possession of a controlled substance (ecstasy), trafficking, conspiracy to obstruct extinguishment of a fire, possession of burglary tools and battery on a peace officer. Bail is set at $100,000.

Joshua Stephens, conspiracy to obstruct extinguishment of a fire. Bail was set at $10,000. Stephens also had his bail revoked on a third-offense domestic battery charge.