Troopers take oath, join highway patrol |

Troopers take oath, join highway patrol

Guinn said the highway patrol’s newly redesigned academy is another step in improving law enforcement in Nevada. He thanked the group for their commitment to protect the citizens of the state.

Agosti told them the swearing-in is an important step in their lives.

“This is the point at which you stop being in training and begin your obligations as a trooper in the state of Nevada,” she said.

“Your job is noble, important, can be dangerous, can be fun,” she said. “While it’s important to do your job, it’s always good to remember to do it with patience, with kindness.”

The class gives the highway patrol its first new troopers in more than a year. The academy was shut down while officials completely redesigned the program into what was described as “scenario-based training.”

Public Safety Director Dave Kieckbusch said the new academy “raised the bar considerably.”

All the new troopers have either prior experience with another agency or other law enforcement training.

Highway Patrol Col. Dave Hosmer said earlier this week the biggest problem now is finding enough good candidates because they don’t intend to lower the standards. He said up to 70 percent of applicants are being “washed out” by the background checks.

After listening to the speeches, all were sworn in by Agosti then had their new badges pinned on by family members. Trooper Todd Ellithorpe’s girlfriend drew laughter from the audience of 100 in the Assembly chambers when she handed a camera to Guinn asking him to take a picture of her pinning Ellithorpe’s badge on.

Guinn took the picture for her, saying later maybe he’ll have a new career after the governor’s office as a photographer.

All but two of the new troopers will be assigned to the Las Vegas area. Jacob Harp will return to his home area in Ely and Cody Ray Eason to his home in Battle Mountain.

The new Southern Nevada troopers are: Will Thurston, Tim Case, Michael Diamond, Scott Scrivner, Loren Lazoff, Noah Bennett and Ellithorpe — all from Las Vegas — Steven Helms of Hawaii, Chad Phaby of Nebraska, Mason Muir of Utah, Ben Leonard of Carson City, Charles Haycox of New Mexico and J.P. Molnar of Virginia City.