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True Love Stories

There I was 16 years in the Air Force and had been stationed in Europe for the last 8 years and spent the last two years recovering from a divorce.

There she was in California with two children and recovering from a terrible divorce after 15 years.

We both said never again.

But fate has a funny way of changing your path.

Literally a world apart, I was given orders to California and needed to find an apartment so I had a place to live when I got there. I was surfing through the Web (from Germany) looking at ads in the newspaper in California when a pop-up said to try finding people in your area. So I took a chance and signed up putting my soon to be location as my starting point.

She was joking around with her sister saying there are no men in this area as they are all either unemployed or on drugs. Her sister said why don’t you go on the Web and put in matchmaker or something, laughing. So she thought what the heck and did it as a joke and, what do you know, there was a site called that.

To make a long story short, we connected via this site and she sent me information and newspapers and continued to talk through the site and e-mailed for 5 or 6 months. I told her when I got there I would thank her by taking her out to dinner. She said OK as long as we didn’t call it a date.

I have since retired from the Air Force, and we settled down in Carson City and have been married now for 8 years. Who says online dating doesn’t work. Oh yeah, it wasn’t a date.