True Love Stories: Cop and nurse – made for each other |

True Love Stories: Cop and nurse – made for each other

He became a cop in the 1970s. The druggies, punkers and gangsters were a new and exciting part of the era. The burglars, robbers and killers would always have to be dealt with. This was perfect. A cop can go to war all day. At end of each watch, he goes home. There is no garrison or bivouac. 

He saw her for the first time in the emergency room in 1981. She wore scrubs. The young nurse was kneeling on a gurney, her back to him.  The overdose patient was gasping, cursing and thrashing as far as he could in leather restraints. One wrist was handcuffed to the steel rail of the gurney.

The nurse pushed a tube down the doper’s nose. Her profile was all determination. The cop could see her strong arms. She fought the tube in. There was no reluctance, only sheer skill and strength in her action. The ER nurse was winning.

When her contest became a conquest, she poured the charcoal down the tube. She turned around and her eyes shone from the struggle. The cop recognized the gleam. He looked the same way to his peers after street brawls. He watched her relax and studied her uniform. The bits of equipment hanging from her were not like his. They were functional for her missions.

The cop introduced himself to the nurse. They spoke for a few minutes. He left. There was a new gleam in his eyes. He could not stay away. They talked. The girl had left the Midwest at 21, by herself.

She was fresh and cute. She preferred a hike or a bike ride to a shopping spree. The girl was a tomboy. He had not known any since his youth. He could not believe his good fortune. He was amazed that she belonged with no one else. 

There was no chase and capture. She studied him. He adjusted his life to spend time with her. The cop had lost himself in work during the last years. Work was not so important now.

She taught him to ski and play racquetball. She learned to body-surf ocean waves. He took her on hikes. They carried everything they needed on their backs. The bond was set.

His buddies noticed new life in the cop. The world was right-side-up for him. 

She no longer searched for activity. There wasn’t time to do everything. The guy cared about her. He was interested in everything she did. He wasn’t like any man she’d known before. She wondered why others couldn’t see that he was special.

Some people have all the luck.

Bruce and Irene Rosin