True Love Stories: Fortunately, he passed the compatibility test |

True Love Stories: Fortunately, he passed the compatibility test

Chuck and I met and worked together in Reno for the gold mining industry between the mid-’80s and mid-’90s. Everyone admired him as he is an extremely nice person and willing to help anyone.

In 1995, the mining company was bought out. I went to California for a few months, but returned to Nevada and settled in Dayton. Chuck’s wife, unfortunately, died a few years after they moved.

About a year and a half passed. One day, my phone rang; it was Chuck saying he was going to be in the Reno area and wanted to take me to dinner. We had a wonderful time. After he returned home, we called each other at least twice daily – our phone bill was over $500 as we dated over the phone.

A few months later, he asked to come down to see me for a few days. I agreed immediately. We pretty much realized we were already in love. He didn’t know, though, that this three-day date was going to be a test.

We went to Virginia City to visit a museum because I wanted to make sure he liked going to them. He passed that first test with flying colors.

The next test was reading. I love to read and wanted to make sure he did, too. No problem, he loves to read.

On our way back down to Dayton, we saw a rock outcropping that looked to have some crystals in it. Sure enough, we found some beautiful specimens. One of the rocks I picked up had an indention in it surrounded by tiny crystals. He handed me his magnifying glass. When I looked through it, the small hole became a much larger one. I said to him excitedly, “I feel like a little girl in a wonderland cave.”

He said, “You’re a cheap date, want to marry me?” We laughed and I immediately said, “Yes.”

I was married before for 25 years and divorced for 12. I wasn’t going to remarry unless I was 100 percent sure. Well, with Chuck, I was 200 percent sure. We have been married for 10 years and are extremely happy.

P.S. I tell people I married him because he can fix anything. He tells people he married me to get back to the desert!

Bonnie Matton