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True Love Stories


The year was 1947, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, reminiscing the dating game of Frank and Jean, and Lillian and Andy.

Lillian and I (Jean) were walking to town to catch the street car after a fun time of dancing at the “Teen Canteen.” Two cute guys in a Model A Ford stopped and asked us if we would like a ride home (in 1947 this was safe). I got in the front seat with Frank and Lillian and Andy were in the rumble seat. What a thrill to meet a guy old enough to have a car! (He was 20, I was 15.)

After that first meeting Lillian and I would just happen to be at the same place as the Model A Ford. Spotting that car made my heart skip a few beats and the guy driving the car seemed pretty special, too. A couple of months of accidentally (oh yeah) running into each other ” we (Frank and I) started dating on a regular basis.

We were married on May 6, 1950. We have two daughters, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. We have been so blessed!

Our 50th anniversary, May 6, 2000, was shared with 300 friends and we have a video we can view to relive that unforgettable evening. This year will be our 59th anniversary! Next year ” who knows ” number 60 sounds like a big celebration! Maybe so … that is if we can put up with each other for another year!

Ain’t Love Grand!