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Ultra runner to traverse Nevada

Teri Vance
Courtesy of Ted OxborrowThe westward view toward Carvers from the summit ridge of Mount Jefferson. The American Discovery Trail is unique in that it seeks the highest view points - not always the easiest route - and the most spectacular eco-systems for the hiker to experience.

In the introduction to his blog, Brian Stark writes, “I’m Brian Stark and I like to run really, really far,” which may be a really, really big understatement.

He’s hiked the entire 2,000 mile Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia, ran 800 miles from Mexico to Utah on the Arizona Trail, and run across various other states.

In 1998, the Scottsdale, Ariz., resident ran 5,000 miles across the country on the American Discovery Trail from Delaware to California.

However, because the trail in Nevada is so remote and inaccessible, he used Highway 50 instead.

But he always regretted missing the trail in Nevada, so he’s coming back this week to run the 410 miles across the state from Baker to Lake Tahoe. He plans to complete his run in about 10 days.

While his mother provided support for the 1998 run, this time he’ll have a team together to provide support.

Washoe Valley’s Ted Oxborrow, Nevada’s ADT coordinator, along with his son, Trevor, will set up aid stations every five miles. They will also cook high-calorie meals for the runner as well as set up a lounge lawn chair at the end of each day with a foot bath.

“It’s probably crazy, but it’s something we all enjoy,” Oxborrow said. “And we are crazy.”

They also will be joined by Stark’s friend Hewett Brown, who is an EMT and will be able to administer aid if needed.

In addition to injuries that accompany running, Stark also will be battling the extreme elements of the desert heat with 700-foot climbs.

He also faces dangers like rattlesnakes and mountain lions.

“This is huge,” Oxborrow said. “It’s epic.”

He hopes it will be a boon for the trail itself, as well.

As Stark traverses the state, he will set the record for the time it takes to run border to border.

Oxborrow foresees turning it into an extreme-style running race, with Stark’s time setting the benchmark.

Stark will be running in four-hour increments, planning to complete 50 miles a day. Brown will run part of the way with him to provide motivation and support.

Anyone interested in running with Stark for an hour or two along the way, Oxborrow said he would arrange for transportation to a meeting spot.

The projected end date is July 27 in Crystal Bay.

From there, Stark hopes to run across all 50 states.


“Ah, the unanswerable question,” he writes on his blog. “Over the years, I’ve tried to satisfy those who’ve asked this timeless query. Because it’s there, because I can, or even to see the country from the perspective of the settlers.

“However, until you walk into the lives of countless people who offer a hand, a couch or a compliment to a total stranger, well, no answer will satisfy the curious.”


To join Brian Stark for part of his run across Nevada, call Ted Oxborrow at (530) 305-9835.

To follow Stark’s run, go to statesrunner.blogspot.com.

For more information about the American Discovery Trail, go to discoverytrail.org.

Brian Stark wrote a book, “Getting to the Point. In a dozen pairs of shoes,” about his 4,800-mile run across the United States.

He describes the book, “… this story recounts the many miles of wrong turns, animal encounters, and local color as I tried to follow a trail that wasn’t yet mapped, signed or open.”

Email Stark at RunForrestRun@Hotmail.com for a signed copy or go to Amazon.com.