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Union officials ask for investigation of UNR parking charges

The State of Nevada Employees Association will ask lawmakers to order an audit of the University of Nevada, Reno parking program.

Classified workers on campus have objected to the charges they must pay for parking passes on campus, saying they shouldn’t have to pay to go to work.

They say the campus has no justification for the increases imposed on workers and students this past year because the parking program budget has a surplus of more than $2 million.

Campus officials presented a report saying that money is needed to cover maintenance projects that have been deferred for several years and to pay off bonds funding construction of new parking at UNR.

“With questions regarding the integrity of the budget numbers and annual fee increases, the people who are forced to pay for parking in order to go to work at UNR deserve to have straight answers,” said SNEA Director Scott MacKenzie.

Albert Carlson of SNEA said the report was a whitewash because nothing in the budget documents shows any intent to spend that money on maintenance or bonds.

MacKenzie said SNEA is drafting a letter to Speaker Richard Perkins, D-Henderson, asking that legislative auditors conduct an impartial review of the UNR parking budget, expenditures and fees.