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UNR Business College Top 25 for MBA part-timers

The Associated Press

RENO — The College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno, is being recognized again for having one of the 25 best programs in the country for part-time students seeking a master’s in business administration.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek ranks UNR’s MBA program 24th overall — the sixth year in a row it has made the Top 25. It ranks No. 1 this year in terms of academic quality based on the program’s completion rate of 99 percent, the highest among all the schools reviewed.

UNR’s program also continues to be a bargain, ranking second lowest in terms of cost per credit hour.

Associate Dean Kambiz Raffiee says it’s a tribute to the quality of the college’s faculty and how hard they work to make it one of the best in the nation.