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Urgent need for AB plasma donations

Nevada Appeal staff report

United Blood Services of Reno is in urgent need of AB plasma donors. AB plasma is the universal plasma blood type meaning all hospital patients can receive an AB plasma transfusion when plasma is required on a moment’s notice to save lives. United Blood Services’ inventories of AB Plasma have fallen below adequate levels for the area’s blood program.

“We have a hospital patient in our community who can only receive AB Plasma transfusions and who is using 20 units of AB plasma daily for an indefinite period of time for their critical condition,” said Steve Thoma,s who is the Donor Recruitment Director for United Blood Services of Reno. “And due to the urgent need for AB plasma this AB plasma recipient is receiving, we need everyone with AB blood type to consider scheduling an AB plasma donation appointment today.”

AB plasma donations are an automated procedure that takes about an hour and a half. Appointments to donate can be done at one of three Community Donation Centers in Reno (1125 Terminal Way), Carson City (256 E. Winnie Lane) or Sparks (4670 Sparks Boulevard) or by calling at 800-696-4484.

“We need your AB plasma donation today,” Thomas said.