Using various exercises to sculpt your body |

Using various exercises to sculpt your body

Glen Martin
health advocate

We are fortunate today we are able to view the Olympics on television and see the young athletes in competition. Their young bodies are tuned to perfection. As they move through their various gymnastic routines, their grace and coordination are beautiful to watch – nearly a work of art.

When we return to reality we wish our “little old body” might perform and look a little better. If the truth be known, most of us have not maintained it as well as we have our automobiles. Now we can’t go back and completely repair the damage done, but we can make it look and run a bit better so we may continue doing the things necessary in living from day to day.

If we are to believe the experts and the reported research we can repair some of the body’s stresses and make it look and run better. How nice. The problem is we can’t hire or con someone into doing the fixing for us. It’s a do-it-yourself job. Not so nice, but perhaps we won’t need such a bunch of money for pills.

The experts tell us we need to do aerobic exercise nearly every day of the week, and Resistance Training (strength) three times a week. If you’re doing aerobics for good health, walking 30 minutes a day is adequate. If you are doing the aerobics for losing weight then at least an hour of aerobics a day is needed.

No matter what our age we are advised to start off our exercise program slowly and gradually build up. If you are not familiar with aerobics or strength training, other than what you see on television, go to your friendly senior center and they’ll give you a hand.

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