Vandals decapitate Frosty, shank Santa |

Vandals decapitate Frosty, shank Santa

Staff report

BRAD HORN/Nevada Appeal Becky Jones, a resident of South Carson City, discusses the vandalism that occurred to her Christmas decorations.

In the Grinchiest of moves Wednesday night, vandals destroyed Christmas displays in the front yards of two homes on Bonnyview Drive.

“It’s just real obnoxious,” said homeowner Becky Jones, who woke up Thursday morning in the 3000 block of Bonnyview Drive to find the head of her $60 wire-and-lights snowman had been ripped off.

This was the second time in a week Jones was hit. On Tuesday morning, a neighbor at the corner of Sandalwood and Bonnyview found vandals had torn up his decorations and Jones discovered her snowman was headless. She spent an hour repairing the damage, even using a bread bag twist-tie to fix a hole near the snowman’s eye.

She said she Tuesday morning’s assault made her angry, but the sight Thursday morning had a different effect.

“Tears just started running. Why would somebody be so mean?” she asked.

As she surveyed the damage in her yard, neighbor Bret Beach came over.

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“Did they get you too?” he asked. In his yard was another victim of the vandals – a once-inflatable Santa and chimney.

“They stabbed him,” he explained.

Jones called police to report the incident and said she was going to have motion-detector lights installed. Carson City deputies said they will increase their patrols in the area.

Beach said he was disappointed by the assault.

But despite being targeted by ruthless vandals, both said they would put their displays back up.

“It’s Christmas,” Beach explained. “And it’s all right, karma will come back and get them.”

To report vandalism call the Carson City Sheriff’s Department at 887-2500.