Vandals hit Carson cemetery repeatedly |

Vandals hit Carson cemetery repeatedly

by F.T. Norton

Deputies will step up patrols of Lone Mountain Cemetery, authorities said Monday, in light of recent mischief in which vandals have overturned tombstones in the northwest corner of the park.

“We will increase our patrols in the area of the cemetery because of the vandalism,” said Undersheriff Steve Albertsen of the Carson City Sheriff’s Department.

Cemetery volunteer Rex Jennings said tombstones or grave marker have been disturbed, broken, moved, and toppled over for the past three weeks.

A marble log which marks the 206-year-old grave of James R. Vair has been struck at least four times.

Jennings said the 4-foot-tall sculpture is apparently easy to knock over, but not so easy to pick up. He’s replaced it each time with the help of a backhoe and added epoxy to keep it attached to its base, but to no avail.

“Why they keep mucking with this one, I don’t know,” he said. “The last thing it says is (Vair) was killed. For crying out loud, leave him alone.”

Jennings said he believes it is the work of the same person because the culprit chooses the same tombstone and is probably walking through the cemetery on the way north.

“I wish whoever is doing this would just show some respect to the people out here and their families that are still living. This is a place to be respectful,” he said.

Jennings hopes people will keep an eye on the cemetery when they pass by.

“Give us a call if you see anything out of the ordinary. If it’s after hours, call the Sheriff’s Office,” he said.