Vandals make mess of Christmas |

Vandals make mess of Christmas


Some not-so-merry pranksters vandalized an East Carson home Monday night, damaging some Christmas lawn ornaments and creating headaches for the homeowners.

As Larry and Lee Woeller slept, creatures were stirring outside their Bliss Court home, upturning plastic toy soldiers, breaking some Christmas lights and bending the head of a metal reindeer.

“We probably get a little nuts with all the decorations, but it’s for the kids,” Larry said, repairing the elaborate display. “We’ve lived here five years and never had any trouble before.”

Despite his disappointment at the damage done to his carefully constructed scene, Larry says he will continue to entertain neighbors.

“It will be up and running again tonight,” he said. “I’ve got to do it – it’s a tradition.”

A nativity scene that Larry brings into the garage every night was not hurt.

Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Bernie Curtis said acts of Christmas-time vandalism are rare compared to the rest of the year.

“It’s not that widespread,” he said. “Vandalism is not a major concern this time of year.”

Sunday night saw two other Christmas decoration-related crimes. Some plastic candy cane statues were stolen in the 3300 block of Kitchen Drive and some lights were stolen in the 800 block of Rolando Way.

As for the Woellers, their holiday displays are not limited to Christmas. They pull out all the stops on Halloween and Easter, too.

“You should see the stuff we have under the house,” he joked. “We’ve been collecting this stuff for 10 years.”