Vandals shoot out car windows |

Vandals shoot out car windows


Two men suspected of shooting out car windows throughout Carson City Wednesday night are in custody and may face charges of felony property destruction.

Sheriff’s deputies believe David Zuber, 32, from South Tahoe, and William Evans, 21, from Carson City, damaged more than 30 car windows with BB guns.

Damage was estimated at more than $5,000. The severity of the charges could climb as more damages are reported, said Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Burau.

Deputies placed red cards at residences, alerting people whom they believe may have been victimized by the vandalism.

Zuber was arrested early Thursday for charges related to a routine traffic stop. When a BB gun was discovered in his vehicle, Zuber admitted to participating in the shootings, Burau said.

Once officials were able to gather information about Evans’s identity, patrolling deputies were alerted, and he was picked up Thursday afternoon at his residence on Tiger Drive. Burau said Evans was found with a BB gun and later admitted to the crimes.

Although damage was scattered throughout the city, Spooner Summit, Sandalwood Drive, Saliman Road and Lone Mountain were hit especially hard.

“Individually, the crimes committed were misdemeanors, but aggregately we’ll ask for them to be viewed as a felony,” Burau said.

“We believe they were probably intoxicated.”