Veteran helps other vets at FISH |

Veteran helps other vets at FISH

Dylan Riley, Appeal Staff Writer

Joseph Canyon, 54, of Little Field, Texas, helps veterans get back on their feet at Friends In Service Helping in Carson City.

Canyon, a combat Vietnam vet himself, maintains an office there from 1-5 p.m. Thursdays.

“We provide a service for the vets of Nevada with information,” Canyon said. “If they need help we try to contact other organizations to help with some of their financial needs.

“We fill out paper work to get them into the Veterans Administration system, tell them about the Disabled American Veteran van and have an outreach program to look for the vets down by the river or Mills Park to help the vets in need of gas money or coffee or doughnuts.”

According to Canyon, the operation, although still in its infancy, is at a necessary stage.

“That’s what the veteran’s organization should be doing, and we’ve been here for almost four months,” Canyon said. “I surveyed the whole area here in Carson City and noticed there was no info center for vets, so I decided to talk to FISH and proposed this, and they thought it was a great idea.”

Canyon is also the American Legion Commander of High Desert Post 56.

Inside, Canyon points to an office numbered one where he helps the veterans.

“We help veterans of every war,” Canyon said. “I thank FISH for letting us do this,” Canyon said.


What: Help for veterans

Where: Friends In Service Helping, 138 E. Long St.

When: 1-5 p.m. Thursdays

Who: Ask for Joseph Canyon

Call: 882-3474