Virginia City reclaims ‘most bearded community’ title |

Virginia City reclaims ‘most bearded community’ title

by Kurt Hildebrand

Eight-year-old Amber Munson of Carson City was on the front row for one of the hairiest moments of the annual Nevada Day celebration.

The Mark Twain Elementary School student stood to the right of the Capitol steps as some of the hairiest men in the world walked by for the annual beard contest.

Amber’s mother, Cathy Wurster, said she has been following the beard competition in the newspaper.

Loretta Williams said the turnout for this year’s beard competition was as good as she has ever seen.

“I’ve been going to them forever and this is the most people I’ve ever seen here,” she said.

More than 60 bearded men participated in the contest, including several contestants in the World Beard and Mustache Championships, which were at the Carson City Community Center later in the day.

Charlie Porsche, who announces the contest, said he wasn’t prepared for the many international contestants.

“If I’d known about it, we could have had a mustache and sideburn contest,” he said.

Virginia City recaptured its title as most bearded community when 19 residents walked down the line to Carson City’s 11.

Nevada Supreme Court Justice Mark Gibbons and USS Nevada skipper Cmdr. Edward Seal served as judges for the contest.

“It took me 53 years to grow this thing,” Virginia City resident Henry James said of his beard, which won the prize for blackest.

Seal, whose participation in the parade was his first time in Nevada, said the beard contest was a first for him.

“This is not like anything I’ve ever seen before,” he said. “It has a great feeling of community, but it is a celebration for the whole state.”