Viriginia City woman injured by mountain lion |

Viriginia City woman injured by mountain lion

Nevada Appeal Staff Report

A Virginia City Highlands woman is recovering for minor injuries suffered from a wildlife attacks, Storey County Sheriff’s Office deputies said in a release.

The attack happened near Calaveras Road on Geiger Summit. The animal in question is believed to be a young mountain lion. The victim heard a commotion in her yard, which she believed involved her dog. Upon checking, she found her dog embroiled in a confrontation with the cat. The injuries sustained are believed to have come from the cat swatting at her, not from a bite. The dog also suffered minor injuries.

A search of the immediate area failed to turn up the cat. The Nevada Division of Wildlife was called in for further investigation into the matter.

Storey County Sheriff James G. Miller would like to caution all who would wander into the more remote regions of the county, because as winter sets in wildlife will roam closer to homes in search of food. Unless pets are in a secure pen and capable of handling extreme temperatures, they should not be left outside unattended.

Additionally, if your pet does become involved in a confrontation with wildlife, unless you are properly equipped to handle such an incident, you should not attempt to intervene. No one wants to see a pet injured, but even more so, the Sheriff’s Office does not want to see harm befall any person. If you experience problems with wildlife, please call the Sheriff’s Office or the Nevada Department of Wildlife.